On average, a cyber attack happens every 39 seconds, and 43% of all attacks are targeted at small businesses. At Maverick Web Design, we focus on a strong, proactive approach to protect your business. Our background as cybersecurity professionals gives us the upper hand in web security. We know the strategies hackers use and how to counter them to keep your website safe. Like a well trained protection dog, Maverick Web Design will watch your back!

Maverick GSD Growling
Our Masoct, Maverick the GSD, at Protection Training

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There is no such thing as being 100% secure when connected to the internet, and anyone that tells you otherwise is most likely full of it. That being said, you can get close to 100% by mitigating as much potential risks as possible. At Maverick Web Design, we offer several packages to minimize potential risks. Packages include audits, training, updates, and additional security measures. We can also create a custom package to meet your needs. 

Software Maintenance

Websites are just lines of code in a database with several plugins and themes. This code can have weak spots so updates are put in place to close those gaps. When you do not update plugins regularly, you open your business up to attackers looking to exploit these vulnerabilities. Maverick Web Design keeps everything up to date to mitigate these risks.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scans are a great tool to ensure your website's safety. These scans are done with malicious intentions by hackers looking for weak spots in web security. We use these tools for our benefit. By running vulnerability scans ourselves, we can get ahead of any hackers and mitigate the risk. We will also help run malware scans through the use of known plugins directly on your website.


We want to see you protected. Even if you don't hire us to run the monthly security features, we will put together a 1:1 training program to show you how to lock down your website and let you know about best practices. We will even train you to update your own plugins if you feel up to the challenge.


We can run an audit of your website, and produce a report of current potential risks. We will even throw in tips for how you can mitigate the risks yourself!