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Every website I design and create is different and customized to your needs and vision. I believe if you wanted a simple template website that looked like other people’s you would be using the free site builders.

Lets connect for a phone call consultation, and see what features and vision you have for your site and I can provide a customized quote. CONTACT ME

This will be determined by how long it takes me to gather the information needed from you. Creating the basic site is a very quick turnaround depending on the amount of pages and sections, but I want to strive for great first time quality so communication will be key during the process.

That being said, if you need something quick we can discuss expediting it as well.

Great question. As you will be the owner of the domain and host, you will have the power to customize everything. But what I will do is create a minimum of 2 user accounts:

The first one will be an admin account. The admin account will have full control of every aspect of the website.

The second account will be an editor account. The editor account will allow you to go in and change content of the site. Such as wording, media and link redirects.

Part of my delivery will be some sort of tutorial of how to customize your website.

You will be responsible for obtaining the domain name from any registrar you want. I’m currently a huge fan of PorkBun, as they have very cheap rate. I’m not affiliated with them in any way.

Hosting can go several ways. If you already have a hosting service for an existing website, we can use that. You can also search for other hosting options. But if you don’t want the hassle of looking for hosting sites and worrying about which one is more legit than the others, I do offer hosting options where I will take care of that for you.

-If you have your own hosting service, I can upload the files through your host’s database and upload that way. This option will requires your login information, and your host needs to support WordPress

-I can give you the files from my local server using the ‘Duplicator’ plugin and walk your through it.

-If I run your host, I will just give you your WordPress credentials.

Unfortunately I am not doing any ecommerce sites at the moment. This is a service I plan to include here in the near future.

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General Questions

I use WordPress for my CMS. WordPress is the most popular CMS on the market as it’s open source. Meaning there is a lot of support out there for it. 

I will be using Elementor Pro. This is a premium plugin with many features you will not see in free sites like This premium plugin will also be included for not additional cost to you as it will live off my licenses. Even if we do not keep a maintenance package, you will keep this tool.

Yes, I will include a backup plug in that will have scheduled automatic backups. You will also be able to run manual backups and store it on and off the server.

Websites that I host, will have daily backups.

Not at all. I will do my best to make sure are posted on the progress and can also give input as you go. We will set up communication methods once we begin. 

Yes, before we begin working, I will draft up a simple contract that we will both sign. It’s not a very technical document, just a standard this is what I’m responsible for and what you are responsible for.


Random questions

I used to work in politics running campaigns. After years of unnecessary stress, I decided to get into the computer world. I have worked in the IT industry  for the past 5 years from system administration to cybersecurity.  I do web design on the side as a freelancer currently.

Navigate to my Contact Me page which can be reached by clicking HERE

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